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Frequently ASked Questions


Q: "How long will it take to get my order?" 

A: Barrett Wax Crafts has a stated TAT (Turn Around Time) of ten business days from date of order for RTS (Ready To Ship) items, however, B.W.C. strives to provide an exceptionally fast TAT - most orders will typically ship within a day or two.

Q: "What kind of wax do you use?"

A: B.W.C. wax is an exclusive para-soy house blend and benefits from a 10-12 day cure time. Cure dates are printed on the label for your convenience. Your items will always be packaged in scent-safe polypropylene bags or clamshells.  

Q: "Can I combine multiple orders for shipping purposes?"

A: Unfortunately B.W.C. is unable to combine multiple orders.

Q: “What are  wax melts?”

A: Wax melts are great way to provide long lasting home fragrance. Instead of burning a candle, a wax warmer is used to heat the wax and release the fragrance oils that have been blended in. Wax melts are available in a variety of places from big stores to independent crafters like myself and others. 

Q: “What is a wax warmer?”

A: Wax warmers are the devices used to melt and hold a pool of scented wax in a ceramic, metal, or glass dish and release fragrance. Warmers can be simple and utilitarian or elegant and decorative.

They vary in price and can be found in many stores in the home goods section.

You can find a variety of warmers here on the BWC website.

There are tabletop varieties as well as smaller units that plug directly into a wall outlet.

You will typically find three popular types:

Hotplate – Uses an electric heating element to heat a dish through direct contact. Vary in wattage and temperature. Requires an electrical outlet for power.

Bulb – Heat rising from a light bulb warms the dish. Provides a pleasing illuminated aesthetic. Vary in wattage and temperature. Requires an electrical outlet for power.

Tealight – A small tealight candle is used to heat the dish above. Can be placed anywhere safe for candles. Has the added appeal of flickering candle light.

Q: “Does the warmer wattage and temperature matter?”

A: Absolutely! Lower wattage warmers will melt wax slower and produce lighter fragrance, but often for a longer period of time. Ideal for small rooms or if you don’t like overly strong fragrances.

Higher wattage warmers will melt wax quickly and produce a stronger, more intense fragrance, often for a shorter period of time. Well suited to large rooms and for those who love their home fragrance strong.

Other factors that will influence your fragrance experience are room size, airflow in the room, and the wax itself, some fragrances just last longer than others.

Q: “Which warmer is the best?”

A:  For B.W.C. wax I suggest hotplate warmers in the 18-24 watt range or bulb warmers with 20-40 watt bulb. Tea light warmers also work well. 

Q: “How much wax should I use at a time?”

A: Generally, ½ - 1 ounce, depending on the size of your warmer dish. Ideally you want a pool of wax ¼”-1/2” deep. Less is usually more so start with one cube or small chunk and go from there. If you aren’t getting a good “throw” (strength of scent and distance scent travels) from one or two cubes of wax, try moving the warmer to a different spot in the room. Adding too much wax will actually cause less throw.

Q: “How do I clean the used wax out of my warmer dish?”

A: There are several methods and everyone has their favorite.

I prefer to carefully dump the wax into the trash while it is melted and wipe the dish out with a paper towel. NEVER pour hot wax down any drain!

You can also absorb the melted wax pool with cotton balls or tissue in the dish.  

You can let the wax cool and harden then place the dish in the freezer for a while and the wax should pop right out.

Q: “What is the "Cure Until" date on my label?”

A: B.W.C. wax is made from a specific house blend of waxes. Certain waxes and fragrance oils need time to properly bind chemically in order to provide the best fragrance experience. Melting wax prior to its cure date will result in less than optimal throw.  It is worth waiting for! 

Q: “How should I store my wax?”

A: B.W.C. wax should be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct light in its original packaging. Stored properly, your wax will last for years until you are ready to melt.