Barrett Wax Crafts ~hand poured wax melts and accessories~

Aged Black Cedar -  A sophisticated and masculine blend of oud wood, juniper essence, light exotic musk, and weathered black cedar. 

Antique Shop If you have ever been in an old building converted to an antique shop, you will immediately recognize this fragrance! Weathered barnwood, old books and photos, and antique lace layered on a base of light vintage vanilla musk.

Apple Crisp - Farm Fresh baked red apples and heaps of buttery brown sugar crumble topping.

Aspenglow – Evergreen and chilled mountain air with a hint of cinnamon and clove.

Avo-Spa - A delightful blend of lemongrass and sweet citrus nectars layered over a fresh light musk.

Birchwood Grove - Sweet and earthy birchwood essence grounds this masculine blend that is accented by notes of orange, vetiver, geranium and tonka.

Bergamot Bouquet – Sweet bergamot, day lilies, soft jasmine and fresh green leaves.

Bewitched Berry - A BWC seasonal favorite that is only available during October! Dark blackberry and sweet apricot notes are complimented by mandarin and woody musk with just a touch of cranberry and spice.

Birthday Party – Vanilla cake batter and sweet home made buttercream frosting.

Black Cherry Merlot - Warm, sweet black cherry notes intertwine with rich dark merlot to create this sensual blend.

Blackberry Sangria – Juicy and tart blackberries in chilled sparkling red sangria make a refreshing and fun scent.

Blood Orange Mimosa – Sparkling and sweet fizzy champagne with freshly squeezed, tangy blood orange juice.

Blue Cotton Candy Fizz - Sugary sweet and sticky blue cotton candy fluff mixed with fizzy bubbles of fun!

Blue Sugar - A complex and masculine blend of caramelized sugar, coriander, tonka bean, bergamot, anise, and  hint of black pepper layered over a sensual musk.

Bouncy Baby - Fresh, clean, baby-soft linens, baby powder, and a hint of soothing misty lavender. 

Brandied Pears - Sweet and juicy harvest-fresh golden pears are preserved with sugar and cask aged brandy. A very comforting fragrance!

Bubblegum - Soft and chewy, mouthwateringly sweet and delicious, this is a super strong and fun fragrance! Great for kids rooms! 

Butter Rum Cake - Buttery pound cake, golden spiced rum, caramelized sugar, vanilla cream and warm spices. 

Caribbean Beat - Feel the pulse of the island music with this provocative and heady fragrance that blends warm tropical spices, sweet citrus, sensual jasmine, sandalwood, dark amber and a hint of patchouli. 

Cedar and Birch – Crisp cedar wood, warm musk, and aromatic birch essence combine to make this fresh and masculine fragrance.

Christmas Party - This festive Holiday fragrance features candied orange peel and evergreen accented with light fruity and winter floral middle notes on a base of warm cinnamon and clove.

Chestnut & Brown Sugar - A very comforting blend of toasted chestnut, warm brown sugar and maple butter.

Cinnamon Sticks – A classic warm, sweet, and spicy cinnamon.

Cinnamon Vanilla Swirl – Warm, toasty vanilla bean and sweet cinnamon sugar swirled together.

Citron Cedarwood – Sunny sweet citron, warm aged cedar and a hint of soft green musk.

Classic Manhattan - A sweet tribute to a classic cocktail, served straight up. Notes of sweet red vermouth, rye, and maraschino cherry all mingle over a woody oak base.

Clean Steel - Clean Steel is a masculine take on the traditional "laundry" type fragrance. It replaces the heavy floral notes with a bright clean metallic and mineral musk.

Coconut Creamsicle – Fresh and creamy frozen coconut milk with a kiss of sweet vanilla.

Coconut Lime Verbena – Sweet coconut water, sunny lime zest and bright verbena comprise this fresh and classic scent.

Coffee Ice Cream - An indulgent and creamy frozen treat! Coffee ice cream, mounds of real whipped cream and a generous caramel drizzle!

Cool Lavender & Linen - BWC's exclusive house lavender blend spiked with crisp, clean Fluffy Towels!

Cotton Candy - Bringing back memories of childhood summers with sticky fingers and the feeling that comes from a huge fluffy cloud of sugary pink spun cotton candy!

Cozy Winter Cottage – Aged wooden beams, warm kitchen spices and sweet, smoky fireplace embers. 

Cranberry Season -  This blend combines sweet red cranberry, black currant, fig, and rich notes of blue spruce. Perfect for the Holidays!

Cranberry Spice -  Tangy and sweet cranberry relish with zesty orange, candied ginger, cinnamon, and spice.

Dancing Leaves - This is a perfect blend of crisp, delightful red apple, warm ground cinnamon and clove, and golden autumn nectar.

Evergreen Lane - Lush verdant pine, Fraser Fir and Blue Spruce all layered together. Bring the forest inside anytime!

Eucalyptus & Spearmint – An enticing blend of fresh eucalyptus and spearmint leaves, perfect for relaxing at the end of the day.

Flower Child – Sweet patchouli, frankincense and warm sandalwood make this scent totally groovy.

Fluffy Towels - Exactly like a warm batch of clean, fresh towels straight from the dryer!

Fruity Cereal - Just like your favorite childhood breakfast cereal! Super sweet and fruity.

Gingerbread House - The perfect touch of nostalgia to compliment your home through the Holidays! This fragrance opens with warm gingerbread cookies, toasty graham cracker, and comforting spices. Old fashioned vanilla frosting holds it all together and makes it deliciously sweet.

Ginger Lime Fizz - Sweet sun-ripened lime juice, cool zesty ginger essence and effervescent fizzy pop bubbles all dance around together in this refreshing and energizing fragrance blend.

Grapefruit Punch – Ruby red grapefruit juice, fresh pink pomegranate nectar, and sparkling tangy red currant.

Guava & Passionfruit - The essence of the islands! Luscious, sweet guava fruit blended with tangy and bright passionfruit nectar makes this fragrance a true tropical treasure!

Heirloom Sandalwood -  Sacred and time-worn sandalwood is wrapped in a delicate musk of light amber and hints of exotic floral essence.

Iced Lemon Cake - Layers upon layers of moist yellow cake and lemon buttercream filling covered in a lemon glaze!

Iced Pineapple – Juicy, sweet, and chilled sun-ripened pineapple. Freshly picked!

Jam and Bread - Warm home-made bread is sliced fresh and served with Grandma's wild grape & elderberry preserves.

Jasmine Nectar - Sweet night blooming jasmine essence will fill your home with this true and delicious floral.

Lemon Mousse - Freshly made old fashioned lemon curd, busting with lemon essence and whipped with sweet vanilla cream to make a mouthwatering mousse!

Lavender & Toasted Marshmallow -  A perfect pairing of soft sweet lavender and warm toasted marshmallow make this a very comforting fragrance.

Macintosh Apple – Fresh-picked and perfectly sun ripened. Juicy sweet and bright red.

Mountain Breeze – Crisp clean mountain air, lush wild mint leaves and a hint of fresh eucalyptus. 

Mulled Apple Cider – Warm apple cider infused with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and star anise.

Nag Champa - Find your inner center with this sultry and relaxing classic. Notes of incense, amber, sandalwood, vanilla musk and exotic Indian spices all blended together perfectly.

New Cedar – Aromatic, fresh, and crisp; like recetly carved red cedar wood. 

New Leather – Like a brand new high end leather accessory, a truly indulgent cured leather scent.

Peach Crumble - Warm and gooey baked peaches with buttery brown sugar crumble and rich vanilla creme.

Peppermint Fudge Brownie - Warm and gooey dark chocolate brownies with melty mint chocolate candy pieces.

Peppermint Vanilla Dream - A delicious and festive blend of crisp winter peppermint and soft creamy whipped vanilla fluff.

Perfectly Peachy - Succulent and delicious pure peach nectar with just the tiniest hint of sweet red berry for balance.

Pina Colada – Fresh golden pineapple blended with shaved ice and sweet coconut milk.

Pink Moscato - Enjoy the sweetness of the treasured Muscadine grape, with its intoxicating harmony of fruity and light floral notes.

Pink Pomegranate -  Exotic and delectable pink pomegranate nectar, a kiss of bright citrus with a very soft fruity musk base.

Pistachio & Sweet Almond - A confectionery treasure! Alluring sweet almond is blended with lively pistachio and a hint of vanilla creme.

Plum Tart -  Warm from the oven! Deliciously tart and sweet baked plums, sugar, spices and a rich buttery crust.

Pomegranate Petals – Juicy fresh pomegranate, delicate rose petals and a soft sugary finish.

Private Island - Your own secluded getaway deep in the pacific. Lightly toasted coconut, sun warmed sand, exotic vanilla orchid and salty sea air.

Pumpkin Marshmallow -  Sweet and gooey toasted marshmallow combines with delicious spiced pumpkin and an extra punch of vanilla extract!

Pumpkin & Pecan Waffles - Warm and fluffy pumpkin waffles drenched in syrup and covered with whipped cream and sugary candied pecans.

Pumpkin Souffle -  The ultimate Pumpkin Spice fragrance for you home! A light and fluffy souffle, fresh from the oven, bursting with creamy pumpkin and warm spices, dusted with powdered sugar and served with vanilla creme. 

Pure Lavender - BWC's exclusive lavender blend captures the rich herbal notes of French lavender balanced by its natural sweetness.

Roasted Chestnut & Cherry - Warm and toasty fire-roasted chestnuts and sweet dark cherry preserves make a sophisticated home fragrance.

Rock Candy Fizz - Mixed fruits and colorful crystallized sugar. Old Fashioned Rock Candy flavor explodes with bubbly fizzy fun!

Rosemary & Mint -  Fresh from the garden: refreshing and herbal rosemary entwined with crisp tingly mint.

Ruby Red Grapefruit – Sun-ripened, ruby red grapefruit and sparkling sugar.

Santa's Blanket -  Mrs. Claus keeps Santa's favorite blanket freshly washed for him to wrap up in while riding around in his sleigh delivering toys! Crisp winter air, evergreen, and sparkling clementine compliment this fresh laundry scent.

Satsuma - Sweet tangerine, sun ripened mango, a hint of bitter lime and orange flower musk.

Satsuma Beach - BWC's indulgent Satsuma blended with toasted coconut and soft vanilla musk.

Sinus Soother - Icy mint, crisp eucalyptus essence and fragrant camphor all work together to offer soothing relief to stuffy noses and sore sinuses. Highly reminiscent of night time vapor rub.

Snow Fairy - Light and sweet fruity notes are balanced with delicate, watery florals on a base of alluring musk.

Snoozy Melts - Snoozy Melts are an exclusive BWC blend of sweet peppermint, pure lavender, and toasted vanilla fluff. Designed to help you relax and unwind. Made with imported French lavender buds.

Soft Blue Spruce - Fill your home with the soft, slightly sweet, and toned down pine notes of this comforting Spruce blend.

Soft Leather – Like a soft and aged leather chair by the hearth, inviting you to relax and enjoy warm fireplace embers and a tiny hint of vanilla musk.

Sour Watermelon Taffy - Chewy, sweet, and stretchy taffy exploding with that nostalgic sour watermelon candy flavor!

Southern Gentleman – Dark teakwood, spicy cardamom and crisp clean musk. Very masculine and sexy.

Sparkling Peach Champagne - Luscious sweet champagne with fizzy bubbles and indulgent peach nectar.

Spearmint Supreme - This complex and earthy blend features cool spearmint accented with watery fern and oakmoss on a base of Blue Sugar. 

Spearmint and Toasted Marshmallow - Cool, crisp spearmint joins with warm gooey toasted marshmallow to make this delightfully yummy fragrance.

Spice Shop - An explosion of aromas, capturing notes of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and cardamom with a hint of the exotic.

Spiced Zucchini Bread - BWC's classic Zucchini Bread with an extra helping of warm cinnamon and spice.

Strawberry Rhubarb – A mouthwatering blend of juicy sweet strawberries, tart rhubarb and a hint of pure cane sugar. 

Strawberry White Cake - Soft and fluffy white cake with layers of strawberry buttercream and fresh sliced strawberries. Guaranteed to make your mouth water!

Sunny Lemon – A beautiful balance of the sweetness and tartness found in fresh bright yellow sun-ripened lemons.

Sweet Champagne - Raise a glass and make a toast with delightfully sweet champagne! Indulgent moscato, sweet apricot nectar and a hint of sun ripened citrus essence.

Sweet Pumpkin & Apple - Sweet creamy pumpkin, crisp red apple and all your favorite Autumn spices combined in this perfect fall fragrance.

Teaberry – Elusive wild teaberries are captured in this unique and nostalgic spicy-sweet fragrance.

Texas Rose - This is a true, strong, and long lasting real fresh-cut rose fragrance. No Grandma perfume here! You will be looking around for the bouquet!

Toasted Marshmallow - A campfire favorite! Gooey melted vanilla marshmallow creme and toasty-crusty caramelized sugar.

Ultimate Sugar Cookie - Sweet sugar cookie dough with a kiss of almond and vanilla. A very rich and buttery fragrance.

Vanilla & Fir – Warm vanilla bean and soft green fir needles make a surprisingly comforting home fragrance that welcomes you any time of year.

Vanilla Chai - Strong black tea, exotic chai spices, and honey swirled with a bit of vanilla bourbon.

Warm Caramel – Buttery, creamy and sweet caramel melted in a big copper pot, waiting for the apples to be dipped!

Warm Lavender & Vanilla -  BWC's exclusive house lavender blend expertly mixed with the perfect amount of warm vanilla.

Watermelon Festival - The essence of summer. Freshly sliced ripe watermelon, lush green summer grasses, sunny buttercup, and a hint of white tea.

White Lilac - The truest and most realistic lilac fragrance ever. The essence of Spring!

Wild Grape and Elderberry – Juicy and rare wild purple grapes, dark and sweet elderberries with a hint of black currant nectar.

Wild Red Currant – Tart and vibrant wild red currant with tangy and bright citrus notes.

Winter Wishes - A delightful and unique blend of frosty clementine, evergreen essence, and clove.

Zucchini Bread – Fresh-baked from the oven with warm brown sugar and nutmeg.