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Little Bit - 2 oz jar: Coffee Ice Cream

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Have you ever been melting some wax and thought “This is great, but it could sure use a little bit of  ________”?

Have you ever wondered what your favorite wax would smell like with a little bit of _________ added in?

If so, Barrett Wax Crafts has something you might be interested in:

Introducing “Little Bits” 

Little Bits are 2 oz jars of basic BWC fragrances that are versatile and blend well with many other scents.

Little Bits are the perfect way to get your blend on and see what you can create!

This Scoopable Wax is meant to be blended right in your warmer dish with any existing wax you have - just add a little bit!

You can melt Little Bits alone too, but they will do best when blended with other fragrances.

Tone down strong scents with Whipped Cream, add a little Pure Lavender to your favorite minty blend, sweeten something up with Cotton Candy... you get the idea!