Barrett Wax Crafts

One Pound Brick - Poured to Order


Now you can order a one-pound Brick of your favorite BWC fragrance any time!

Poured to Order Bricks have a Turn Around Time (TAT) of up to three weeks to allow time for pouring.

Any items ordered along with Poured to Order Bricks will be shipped at the same time, if you do not want to wait for your other items, order them separately.

BWC Bricks are a great way to stock up on your favorite fragrance. Just chop off a bit whenever you want to melt, or pre-cut the entire loaf into small, ready to melt chunks!

NOTE - You can order any scent (or blend of up to three scents) listed on the A-Z fragrance list even if it is not on the drop-down menu. To order an item in a custom blend or scent not listed on the drop-down menu, simply order the item in any fragrance from the drop-down menu, then email with your Order Number and the exact scent or blend you want your item(s) poured in. I will change the order on my end. Remember - your scent and blend choices must be from the BWC A-Z fragrance list