Barrett Wax Crafts ~hand poured wax melts and accessories~

Scoopable Wax - Flannel + Clean Steel + Southern Gentleman


Barrett Wax Crafts is excited to offer a premium Scoopable Wax as another way to enjoy exceptional home fragrance blends!

Each jar of Scoopable Wax contains 6 ounces of tightly compacted granulated wax formula with a texture similar to wet sand or fresh brown sugar.

Use the included wooden spoon to scoop out the same amount as you would with any other wax, 1/2 - 1 ounce depending on the size of your warmer dish.

NOTE - Because fresh Scoopable Wax contains unbound Fragrance Oils and color, be sure to clean up any stray granules to prevent possible staining of surfaces. As your jar cures, the oils will absorb into the wax and the product will become more dry. This does not affect performance, and in fact, like most vendor wax that needs curing, it will actually improve over time.

Please recycle or re-purpose your empty jars!